We are business consultants and service aggregators for startups and SME's. We are a one stop solution for all your business needs starting from research and development, business modelling and consultancy to your marketing, IT and sales requirements. With an experienced panel providing consultancy at every step, Padrea makes sure you are becoming better and bigger everyday.

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Dynamic Organizations!

Better brand, bigger outreach: Your organization will be able to optimize their activities to reach out to a wider audience.

Better customer experience: You will be able to focus on your core competency while Padrea will take up the responsibility of marketing activities with absolute service efficiency.

100% fulfillment rates: We strive for excellence to provide you with the best services and ensure uninterrupted growth for your company.


A popular consultancy name across countries like Singapore, London, Dubai and India, Padrea is a company that is spreading its wings across the entire world at a rapid pace. Padrea for Start Ups was started with an intent to reach out to every fledgling company which needs a guiding light through the most difficult yet growth oriented phase of a company. Most of these emerging startups requires direction, support and resources.

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Research & Development


Every startup faces 5 basic problems-lack of support, scaling up issues, lack of team dependency, incompatibility with partners and lack of cash flow. It’s quite obvious that everything needs a bit getting used to, but Padrea can help you get all these issues under your control in a matter just a couple of sessions.


Validity of the ideas that you are building for your startup is way more important than you can imagine. If the idea and the audience that you have chosen for your product or service does not identify with them, then you end up wasting months, if not years, just wondering ‘what went wrong?’. No worries as Padrea will ensure that there are no loose ends here!

Market Size

Of course, every startup has a target market and we help you gauge the exact size of your market, ensuring you know who your competitors are, so that you are step ahead of them.


Your audience needs to buy your idea or else years and months of brainstorming becomes pointless. So we do the necessary extensive research on your behalf and help you sell your idea behind a product or a service to your audience, in style, of course.


It is always essential to consider a Plan B, no matter how full-proof you think Plan A is. You may never know, what went wrong and where while you manage 10, if not more, things at once. Hence, we help you with concocting Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and on and on until we hit the right buttons.

Education and Training

Many people think that startups do not need trained professionals, but the truth is quite the opposite. Unlike popular belief, a different kind of mindset is required to work in a startup as the support needed is much more than that in a developed and growing Corporate. It is essential to mentally prepare and address the mindset of the staff and partners of your SME and this is where we come in.

Name Ideation

Even though Shakespeare said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", the truth is that the name of a company simply represents what you are trying to sell or what you want your target market to see. So join hands with us while we brainstorm the best nomenclature for you as that’s your future brand stamp.

With all the right steps to be followed and the ambition of growing your startup, you need to be able to scale new heights and attain success. And, well, Padrea ensures that all these steps are efficiently followed and implemented as and when required.

Clientele Growth

The foremost thing for a growing company is to grow their clientele to ensure larger profits and fame in the field of specialization. Getting you the appropriate exposure, showing you to the right target audience is what we do best.

Geographical Expansion

Depending on your needs and resources, we access and adhere to your geographical expansion requirements. We can analyze and help with the right time and market to spread your wings to, in order to add to your profits and save on investments.

Internal Expansion

Internal expansion can be trickier than geographical expansion as it needs a full-fledged study of your resource availability and drawbacks. So if you are planning on employing more resources or extending partnerships, we can tell you the best way to achieve that customized for your company type and business model.

New Verticals

We can also tell you when and how to create and launch new verticals for a risk free expansion of your business.

Business Modelling

Steady in-flow of Funds and cash are an everlasting threat that exists in any business. Padrea ensures that you are not bothered by such issues by diligently following certain necessary steps for fund raising and protection.

Business Model at every step

Revision of your business model is one essential way of ensuring a steady flow of funds and reduce losses of any kind, as in a business you can never be careful enough with market value of shares to be considered at all times. Therefore, we help you change and develop your Business model on every level as you go on stepping up the ladder of growth.

Pitch Deck

Developing an optimized and attractive Pitch Deck is ensures the flow of potential clients and investors, bringing in a steady flow of funds. Hence Padrea designs and develops your Pitch Deck at every level meeting the need of the hour and attracting more and more investors and clients with an effective business plan.


We also tell how to best use your existing resources to their full potential, referring to bootstrap, to save on existing funds.


If you need loans for an expansion or even setting up your business, we help you with the most efficient way to do that, ensuring minimum burden on you and your future plans for growth.


We can also help you design effective strategies around how to get a large number of people interested in your business plan and how it can benefit them to invest along with you.

Equity Financing

Need a hand with managing your company stocks? Surely Padrea can tackle that too, with predicting the most appropriate time to buy and sell your shares and stocks to affluent investors.

Venture Capital

If you believe in your business plan and model, then Padrea can assure maximum funds for your business to be successfully established. We can tap your potential, provide you exposure and lend you the funds you need for your business to grow.


‘Change is the only constant,’ this is a reality that is applicable in all walks of life, including the growth and development of a business. Reduction of costs, leveraging skills and resources, leading innovations balanced with sustainable business strategies (in a nutshell) is the best way to grow your business and Padrea is here to support you with your endeavours.

Managing your resources is as essential as honing the agility to positively respond to the frequently changing environmentfor the development of your organization.

Our advisory team, with their global knowledge about running businesses and eliminating challenges, studies and analyzes your company, its needs and the challenges it faces receding its growth curve. This research helps us design custom-made business strategies only suited to your company.

Your clientele need someone who they can bank upon and deploy their skills to good use with a range of talents and disciplines to choose from. They need someone who can take charge and eliminate their problems and we can assist you in developing the resources and strategies required to give your clients what they need.

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Information Technology

We also offer complete Information Technology support to ensure that there are no glitches faced while you are on a marketing and advertising spree.


Of course, to complete the marketing services Padrea, lends a hand to design, manage and optimize your website, which is a point of contact and even the point of sale in many cases for the target audience. In today’s tech dependent age, having a well designed and optimized website ensures higher Google rankings, hence better chances of reaching out to the audiences. We also track the visitors and analytics of your website, taking care of loopholes or issues obstructing the flow of online traffic to your website.


We ensure that your website is developed on a responsive level and also help develop and design mobile and tab applications for reaching out to the customers who are always on the move. Covering these aspects of marketing assures maximum coverage and reach to customers across the market and being accessible at all times.

Software Solutions

We assist you with choosing and implementing the right software to solve your online marketing and development requirements at the best prices. Assistance is provided for any problems you are facing with existing software, as well.


We ensure optimized systems to be followed for enabling dynamic marketing and sales strategies.


Once all the nitty-gritty's of the initial stages are cleared and you have acquired enough funds and profits to make a name for your brand, comes the marketing and growth in sales part. Every company intends to grow and for that you need to increase your sales leading to higher profits.Padrea helps you meet all your marketing requirements with optimal fund utilization.

Digital Media

Padrea provides you with end-to-end marketing services across all portals of Digital media, starting with maintaining blogs, taking care of SEO and SEM optimization, Ad words, online banners, back linking, email marketing and more. You just sit back and watch us unveil our magic with marketing.


This is a place where often the lines get blurred for someone who has just ventured into the world of advertising. But we handle it with care and in style. All you need to know is that when we refer to ATL (Above the line) advertising, it means advertising on a scale for the masses covering conventional media such as TV, radio, internet, billboards etc.; and in case of BTL (Below the line) advertising it means reaching out to individuals on a one-to-one basis with pamphlets, stickers, handbills and even brochures, sometimes at the point of sale.


We design, implement and develop your advertising campaigns across multiple media for maximum exposure and reach, concerning your target market and audience.

PR Management

We have professionals, who can take care of your Public Relations in a classy and flawless manner taking your brand name to different heights in the market.

Legal Formalities

Although the legalities sound like the most time-consuming part of setting up your dream company, it is the simplest of all, you just need to be patient with it and entrust us the job, sit back and relax.

Name Registration

Padrea can get your company name registered without you having to endure any legal hassles. We make sure that all the papers are in place and you needn’t have to go through any kind trouble as we are aware of all the short cuts to get this task done.


Incorporation is a necessary step for your company, not only to ensure asset protection and similar crucial legalities, but also to gain the trust of your audience. Hence we take care of all the Paperwork and get you registered as a corporation relieving you of all the hassles.


Determine and manage the value of your company shares easily with a helping hand from our end.


We make sure you have your trade and business licenses approved and in place abiding by the state/national/international regulations of your country of incorporation and operations, to stay out of trouble at all times.


Having a trademark certificate is essential for an organization as getting a business license to validate the authenticity of your company. We solve this crucial matter on your behalf relieving you of all the troubles.


Padrea, supported by its experienced team of young professionals helps startups like yours, achieve the kind of contracts keeping in line with the products/services you offer. Negotiating with the best-suited clients that you can imagine to shake hands with your company, is a responsibility, we take up happily on your behalf.


The Intellectual Property of an SME is too important to be ignored. As an SME, you may be reluctant to consider the value and protection of your IP, but unlike established Corporates, your IP is worth better protection, since you have limited resources at your disposal. So, without further adieu, let us manage your IP, made relevant with years of expertise.

Laws Governing the Product

No matter what you aim to sell, we make sure that the laws that govern the ownership and sale of your product or services are followed through and through to protect you from getting involved in any kind of legal soup.

Terms and Conditions

With years of experience at our hands, Padrea can assist you in developing a set of extremely relevant Terms and Conditions without any loop holes, to ensure that no discrepancies can ever follow suit while you are on your way up the ladder of success.