"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

Trading can be a separate business altogether for any organization or it can be just a part of your organization. It can be a service that you are rendering to your clients across national and international borders.

Padrea specializes in this segment as well and offers you services that cover maintenance of stock and shop or warehouse and doorstep delivery of products to customers. What makes us special in this field is that we offers these services for a wide category of products including mineral and tangible energy resources accompanied by commodities of all types.

Your trading concerns are no more going to be a bother to you or your customers as our workers and supervisors are highly efficient at this job and can guarantee deliveries maintaining the TAT assigned.

Padrea grows prosperity by advancing trade. We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly.Meeting the unique needs of customers with following products:

Metals & Minerals

Padreahas been consistently striving to enhance its competitiveness in the area of value addition. This business includes commodities departments for:

1. Coal
2. Copper
3. Zinc
4. Nickel
5. Aluminium
6. Iron ore
7. Pet Coke
8. Manganese Ore

Oil & Petroleum Products

We have extensive logistical and storage capability around the world. As a trading house we have a detailed overview of macro and micro trends. We emphasize on service and performance.

1. Crude
2. Gasoline
3. Fuel Oil
4. Bio Diesel
5. LPG


Padrea is one of the leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in comprehensive EPC solutions. Ace Solar is one of the best experienced innovative technology and solutions provider in the field of energy and power. With international presence, we are an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution across continents.

We are masters in liaison with an extensive reach and network - both with the public and private sector! We bring the best solutions to clients, custom made to their needs, at the best possible price!

No matter what the size or type of the product, PADREA solves all issues and has everything. At Padrea we assist you with:

1. Needs Analysis: Understanding power and financial needs of project with respect to available resources.
2. Site Survey: Understanding terrain, direction of sun, optimal exposure, existing architecture etc
3. Energy Consulting & System Design: Size and requirements of system required for project. Kind of technology needed, cash flow options and available aids and benefits
4. After Sales Services: Training, tracking as well as complete guidance and support available post sales.