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The Seven Deadly Rules of Entrepreneurship, You Had Not Known Till This Date!

The word entrepreneur is not something you can learn at B-schools with theoretical knowledge itself. To walk all the way through an entrepreneurship’s tenure is not a cakewalk and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have the dedication and perseverance to know that you can make a difference as an entrepreneur, you can absolutely do so. No matter how much the diligent curriculum is, it’s always a few of the essential minor tips and tricks that work out as major factors behind the success story of an entrepreneur.

To build a Top Web Design Company and Software Development you cannot alone do away with simple theoretical knowledge. Pragmatic experience is essential to know and judge your competency and how well you fit into the role. The dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship cannot fetch you success as a business leader. It’s like a chemical equation where every element and component has to be in their correct proportions to create the perfect composition out of it. A curious, determined person knows exactly where he or she is lacking behind and what more is required to reach the targeted destination.

Now all of this can be also gained by the invaluable lessons of practical experience. But then again you have the cons of losing the precious time you have in which you could pace up ahead than the rest who are competing in the market at the same time. While you sit back, compensating with your shortcomings, golden opportunities can pass away by your neck and you would remain completely oblivious of it unless you see someone making correct use of it.

To avoid such misfortunes, here are seven deadly lesser known rules of entrepreneurship which you won’t find in any business school curriculum. These hand-picked tips have actually proven to be so functional that they count in the success stories of famous entrepreneurs. So whether you are on the verge of being a successful entrepreneur of one of the Top Web Design Company and Software Development or already a one after chasing and mining deep for success, these seven tips are going to bring turning points in your lives soon!


Sounds like a line just picked up from moral books stories right? Well, even though it seems like a no-brainer, yet this rule is extremely important and justifiably sits at the topmost rule of entrepreneurship. Not only it teaches you the necessity of being a true professional but also speaks of your integrity.  Making your fellow colleagues and clients feel that you can be trusted and therefore you are a man of discipline, will automatically raise your image scores.

Thus being, punctual is one of the foremost pillars of entrepreneurship. As the famous leaders say,

build yourself first, and then build an empire!


Bad temper and mean attitude is a big turn off for being a successful entrepreneur. Neither the co-workers nor the clients would want to be anywhere near and around you if you are always seen to be top on your nerves and frantically, moving around with a frowning face.  Looking positive and cheerful not only makes you feel confident but also motivates the people around you. This is exactly where you showcase the true qualities of being a successful entrepreneur.

Being nice and polite, especially to gatekeepers like receptionists and assistants has its own line of benefits. Although such benefits never seem to float on the top surface, it is quite amusing to know that even they can play vital roles in your entrepreneur tenure.


When you are starting up with your own company, it is very essential to start working on building goodwill and credibility grounds at the most rudimentary levels. As a startup, you would be gathering a lot of contacts and fix innumerous meet up s with influential people. So you have to be very responsive at the beginning stages and maintain the disciplined attitude throughout your tenure of being an entrepreneur. If once the tag of irresponsive sticks to your brand, it becomes too hard to clean the slate and start off afresh with your brand’s repute.

Responsiveness also benefits you to bag big projects before anybody else. If you stay alert and show your willingness to get the project, it is most likely that you are going to crack the deal. No matter how busy you keep up through the entire day, maintain a habit of returning calls, mails and messages within 24 hours. For instance, a new startup aspiring to be the Top Web Design Company and Software Development will have to project themselves as being responsive to get a maximum number of clients and contacts.


Be it starting off with a new venture or racing in the journey alone, a guide is that one compulsory requirement you would always look for. A mentor or guru plays a pivotal role in our lives. When speaking of entrepreneurship the essential need of mentoring points to guide through the things to do and not to do is undeniable.  The willingness to listen and learn from your side is very important and the understanding of the fact that your mentor has seen the world before you and must be respected for his elevated sense of knowledge.

Every successful man or a woman in this world has been guided by a right mentor. The enlightenment of knowledge is almost impossible without a mentor by your side. And that is the beauty of this world, which we learn from one another and try to avoid the repetition of the mistakes already done.


Personality and attire matter a lot when it comes to maintaining corporate relations. Who doesn’t likes to work with successful people? Enacting being successful not only elevates your personality and approach but also makes you feel confident from within. The assurance of credibility as an entrepreneur is one of the primary things you have to work upon in order to establish yourself and your brand confidently.  It’s kind of the famous saying, ‘fake it, till you make it’. But it is not advised to fake it. Placing yourself in the mindset of a successful entrepreneur will help you much more than anything else. It will integrate a sense of belief in you to feel like a successful person that will automatically bring out the best out of you to the world.


When you are starting up your own company, remember the mantra of ‘everything matters’. Keep yourself posted about minutest details that are happening around your concerned areas. From monetary transactions to client meetings, checking mailboxes, feedback of your co-workers, work updates, every small detail matters. Now, this does not indicate you to be an obsessed snob or a stickler but being aware and vigilant about everything in and around you truly matter, especially in concern to you being an entrepreneur.


Strategy making is the kingpin of all businesses. Without a well-formulated strategy, the growth and profit ratios do not stay on the parallel equation and neither of them seems to be growing on the XY graph.  To avoid stagnancy of both growth and development, you have to come up with a robust strategy. An entrepreneur of a Top Web Design Company and Software Development cannot proceed even an inch without strategizing the next call of actions. The unpredictability nature of a business model makes the strategy making even more essential.