The Quintessence of Workplace Mental Wellness; To Be Well or Unwell!

Valuing employee wellness plays a pivotal role in the amplification of higher and better degrees of work. The positive aspect of churning an energetic wheel of keeping good in both physical and mental aspects brings along constructive vibes among employees and also makes them feel confident even in terms of professional turmoil.

Workplace Wellness can be defined in simple words as an organizational practice or policy, formulated and constitutionalize to support healthy physical and mental behaviors at workplaces. Due to the rising ailments shaping out from an urban lifestyle, organizations have comprehended the magnitude of maintaining healthy standards of working structures at office premises.

In another way, practicing workplace wellness also unites employees in feeling connected to the organization since they witness the reality of the organization making efforts to preach the lessons of good health. According to a recent ergonomics study, the frightening figures of corporate professionals’ physical and mental health have set the ball rolling for following workplace wellness trends even at a higher speed.

Investment In workplace wellness can be in various forms. They can be practiced through policies, resources, initiatives, or activities. Researches have shown that the best workplace wellness programs have actually contributed towards maturing higher prospects in terms of performance and behavioral patterns.

So how exactly the propaganda of workplace wellness began?

Tracing the historical account of how and why the agenda of workplace wellness began, quite riveting facts have come up. Italian physician Bernardini Ramazzini is deemed to have first initiated the necessity of practicing workplace wellness through his writings, due to the rise of occupational diseases resulting out from work exposure on workers. He was interested in the possibilities that could tame such rising occupational diseases through preventative measures.

With the epic chronicle of the Industrial Revolution, the situation got even worse. Innumerous foreign health problems and injuries began and pushed the workers towards an excruciating reality of an urban lifestyle. The gradual evolution of time periods observed the concept and implementation of workplace wellness got its new avatars in the form of trends.

The essential responsibility of an organization to keep a constant focus on the mental and physical well-being of its employees needs to be uplifted even more. Magnifying experts’ advices and seasoned practitioners of workplace wellness, here are six most valuable and effective workplace wellness tips.

Unbolted Communication

One of the biggest criterions for maintaining good relationships in working spaces is balancing absolute transparency amongst employees and in order to do so a smooth and unbolted flow of communication must happen. This continuance of a transparent mode of communication keeps away the ills of misunderstanding and backbiting that gravely affects the mental health.

In order to blend well with the organization’s goals and aspirations and to feel mentally connected with the same, one needs to be mentally healthy. And mental wellness in an organization comes with the positive practicing of open communication amongst all the tiers of organizational hierarchy.

Employee Appreciation

The intertwined association of mental and emotional balance is extremely necessary for working spaces. Proper motivation and encouragement boost an individual enough to make him or her enforce automatic dedication and hard work into their work.

Adequate appreciation for the work done uplifts the confidence of the employees and they feel more connected to the organization thereby sincerely and proficiently carrying out the task they have been assigned to. Thus the mental wellness in workplaces starts from the basic kind gesture of appreciating for work. This obviously means that the appreciation would be befitting only for the dexterous ones that are worthy of its praise and acknowledgment.

Reduction in Stress and Noise

Workplace noise pollution is something that critically affects the smooth functioning of a mental system. Unwanted noise and cacophony in workspaces disbalances the working rhythm and impinges on an individual’s mental health. A silent and peaceful working environment not only aids in focusing on the work assigned in a much better way but also reduces the stress levels of employees.

Implementation of white noise machine in offices also helps in filtering out the unnecessarily verbal noise clutter and leaves back behind a peaceful working atmosphere.  

Persuasion of Celebrating Mental Health Days

Running in the constant loop of daily-scheduled work routine, a lot of stress accumulates in the mind. Mental health days are such stress-breakers that help a person to relax and detoxify their stressed minds effectively. Organizations should have the provision of giving offs designated as mental health days.

This not only enhances an individual to refresh their minds but also charges them up to come back with a revived energy to pace up with the work rhythm.  Considerations for making this pattern stand out as a cultural norm in the organization through highlighting positive and energetic outcomes from mental health days can also be done.

Meditational Practices

From hosting meditation or yoga programs in the organization to practice it as a daily activity, whatever form an organization might opt for but the influence of adding such kind of a zen to the organization uplifts not just the mental condition of the employees but also rejuvenates the physical body as well. 

The positive outcomes from daily mediation are pretty much known to all of us. But pursuing the constructive action of meditating in the office premises is something that is unique and extremely beneficial at the same time. In a way, it boosts up fresh and revived energy to work along the entire day and also teaches to control anger and impatience which is an absolute vital element in working spaces.

Propose Your Ideas

An organization is represented by both of its employees and the organizational heads. Therefore, the responsibility of maintaining and practicing workplace wellness does not solely fall on the shoulders of the organizational heads.

Being the representatives of the organization and sharing the mutual goals, objectives, and profits of the same, you also share this responsibility as well. Proposing workplace wellness ideas for the betterment of the current standards can always be done and well-appreciated.

This would also display your genuine concern for the enhancement of the organization and well-being of your fellow employees.


With the advancement of a modern era that is pragmatic and accessible to all kinds of knowledgeable information, the closed doors to fundamental realities are eventually opening up. The importance and gravity of focusing on the mental health of every individual irrespective of the barriers related to age or gender have reached an encouraging height. Thus the essential requirement of maintaining workplace mental wellness leaves no room for doubt.