The Essential Requirement to Improve Website UX: Here’s to Know How!

Annexing into the digital world of the internet, the most rudimentary factor that plays as the judgmental God for your website is its UX or User Experience. It enacts to be the core anchor of your website and your endeavors to put out your business in the market digitally. Speaking in the landscape of today’s time, your business website stands out as a digital identity to the world.

It carries not only immense importance but signifies an emblem of how well your brand is representing itself to its web users and how much potential it has to make users stick firm to their credibility doubts.  In simple words, your website is like a 24/7 available salesman which attempts to justify your marketing efforts.

Thus, at the backdrop of such a potential power withstanding by your website, imagine how much essential it can get on improving your website’s UX. Let’s understand the gravity of the situation with a very simple day-to-day life activity.

Imagine you have checked into a restaurant and ordered your favorite food. The waiter comes up with a messy plate of food that is absolutely cold and stale. Would like to have this dish or simply repel it away? The later answers will be the most obvious one and you would simply walk out of the restaurant in search of a better one.

Now analyze this same situation with the importance of having an engaging website UX. Just like you got repelled away from the unappealing dish at the restaurant, similarly, users can bounce back from your website if the user experience isn’t friendly and alluring.  They will move onto a new search for a better website and trust us; they will get a hold of one such soon since the number of competing brands recorded on this present day is pretty much alarming.

Marketing principles work quite alike like the day-to-day normal activities that we do. This is predominantly because the core structure of a marketing model flocks out from the study of basic human behavioral patterns. Therefore, by now this gets pretty much clear that an intense focus needs to be poured in the understanding of the important fact on improvising your website User Experience.

Is your Website Ageing?

With the ever-evolving digital trends and updates, everything that has been brand new till yesterday seems like a faded one the other day. Thus, the rapid transforming passages of time in the digital hyper-age can make your website look old and backdated. Here, revamping your existing website appearance and user experience becomes absolutely primary.

Now another factor that interjects here at this point is the cost factor of revamping your website and it’s UX. Once you are already investing a good deal in the marketing strategies it is quite likely that you won’t be inclined in towards doing it more. But the decisive factor here is that if you avoid restructuring your website, you are actually running in losses and in an away you are unable to fetch money from anywhere.

Thus, here are 10 unique, cost-efficient ways you can actually refurbish your website’s user experience and see it is working in real for yourself:

Page Speed Optimization:

Waiting too long for a page to load can turn off the interests of a user visiting your website. Due to the popularity of smartphones, users prefer to access websites via their phones mainly and thus they expect a faster loading website. Here, if the website takes too long to load they lose their attention grips and prefer to bounce away from the website.

Sluggish page loads can be really frustrating and interrupt annoyingly a user’s website experience. According to an analytical study, an additional five seconds of extra loading time on the website increases bounce rate by almost 20%.  Thus, imagine the alarming rates of bounce back due to slow loading pages.

Implementing both image and content optimization, it is essential to regulate down the page loading time.

Appealing Calls to Action

Web users are generally familiarized with visual indications on a particular website that helps them to navigate throughout the website in a better and orderly manner. To cling onto the users’ stay traffic on your website, this is to keep in mind that attractive calls to action content and visuals have to be implemented.

For example, if you are adding buttons on your website keep in mind to exploit the use of colors in order to persuade a web user to go ahead for a click. Various colors invoke various kinds of messages and by examining color variations and action messaging, it is a proven fact that you can increase the percentage of clicks on your website.

Customize Your Hyper-Linking

Adding links to pages is one of the most used methods for getting website clicks. To enhance this action and ensure the higher possibility of the user clicking onto the link for sure, try to customize your hyperlinks.

Add a separate color to highlight and indicate that there is a link that needs to be clicked. You can also consider putting an underline and keep the hypertext as it is, but the use of color improvises user’s experience in visual context and the clicking rates take a significant peak.

Pick Images for Your Website Sensibly

Images play as one of the most vital and decisive factors for your website’s UX. According to a recent study website images acts as one of the most essential parts of UX since, before the content, it is the pictures that appeal to the eye. This has been a validate web browsing habit of a multitude of users across the globe.

Strategically using images via infographics relaxes the users from direct text with the hang on effect to your pictures at the same time.  What is important to note here is that the images should not be irrelevant and non-generic.

White Spaces Usage

Too much of white spaces add an incomplete feel to the entire website. Although, not undermining the essential requirement of white spaces in a website that relaxes the users’ eyes to navigate through the contents and images of the website orderly and properly.  But too much of white spaces create a hollow and empty effect which can turn out to be really detrimental for an interactive user experience.

Trying to get a lot of content or images can slow down your loading speed and clutters your website appearance. Thus, designing the website appearance has to be done sensibly and judiciously.

Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendly are the Basic Pillars of UX

Once your website is ready and good-to-go, it becomes imperative to cross-verify its responsiveness and how well it is doing on a smartphone. Recent strict online marketing standards by Google have started penalizing websites that are found to be not optimized for mobiles and lacks in responsiveness.

Thus, improvising user’s visibility via responsiveness is vital here.

With the accelerating growth of digital dominance in our lives, generating UX improvised websites have become extremely essential and inevitable. Speaking of this, Padrea Tech is one of the recent names that is being acknowledged globally for its brilliant outputs on aiding strategies for businesses to grow big online. Seasoned nerds at Padrea Tech ensure every functionality of your website to be outstanding and flawless, helping you rise further gradually towards the digital mountain.