Design and Marketing

"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

Once all the nitty-gritty’s of the initial stages are cleared and you have acquired enough funds and profits to make a name for your brand, comes the marketing and growth in sales part. Every company intends to grow and for that you need to increase your sales leading to higher profits.Padrea helps you meet all your marketing requirements with optimal fund utilization.

Digital Media

Padrea provides you with end-to-end marketing services across all portals of Digital media, starting with maintaining blogs, taking care of SEO and SEM optimization, Ad words, online banners, back linking, email marketing and more. You just sit back and watch us unveil our magic with marketing.


This is a place where often the lines get blurred for someone who has just ventured into the world of advertising. But we handle it with care and in style. All you need to know is that when we refer to ATL (Above the line) advertising, it means advertising on a scale for the masses covering conventional media such as TV, radio, internet, billboards etc.; and in case of BTL (Below the line) advertising it means reaching out to individuals on a one-to-one basis with pamphlets, stickers, handbills and even brochures, sometimes at the point of sale.


We design, implement and develop your advertising campaigns across multiple media for maximum exposure and reach, concerning your target market and audience.

PR Management

We have professionals, who can take care of your Public Relations in a classy and flawless manner taking your brand name to different heights in the market.