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Not literally going by the term, shipping or delivery refers to sustaining delivery timelines across all modes of transportation. Be it individual delivery or bulk delivery, our independent logistics team can efficiently handle them. The advanced shipment tracking system of Padrea can help you track the consignments that have been processed through us.

Our logistics team has worked out an efficient process of delivering cargo to desired destinations with zero chances of error or damage to any of the commodities within the carrier. This team provides the following services under Shippingconsignments.

Global Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding

Our services extend across global boundaries through flights and even cover shipments sent via the ocean route. We have tie ups with various national and international airlines and shipping companies that make it easier for us to coordinate timely deliveries

Air & Sea inbound & outbound console services

In case you have multiple air and sea bound individual consignments, our logistics team combines these consignments as per delivery to different locations in order to adhere to delivery TAT and ensuring more efficient delivery procedure.

Door-to-Door Delivery

The term is self-explanatory as Door-to-door delivery is what all customers are looking for nowadays with numerous e-commerce sites. Our efficient and wide availability of resources make it easy for us and convenient for you to meet delivery timelines while maintaining the promise of hassle-free delivery to your customers.

Inland Trucking – Bonded and non-Bonded

Need to deliver across local addresses or domestic borders through road? Padrea even solves this problem for you as we have inland truckers located in different parts of the country. These services are valid for both bonded and non-bonded trucking depending on the pricing you have assigned for transportation. We analyze your transport cost and refer the kind of tucking that will be best suited to you covering all the permits and paperwork necessary for cargo delivery via road.

Specialization in handling OD Cargo

Our logistics team also specializes in taking extra care of fragile items. We provide sturdy and informative packaging, ensure careful handling of cargo and supervise the entire delivery process until the delivery of the cargo to the destination.

Handling Project Cargo

With Padrea at your service, you need not worry about any kind of delivery. Whether you are delivering machinery, project related equipment or parts or any other heavy or large value items, our logistics team ensures they reach their destination without any damage or loss.

Supply Chain Management

No matter what kind of business you are in, we lend our support from end-to-end for you. We can provide you with storehouses, special carts and packing services for the safe and efficient storage and transport of raw materials, work-in progress inventory and even finished goods. We take care of the entire supply chain starting from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Customs Clearance & Brokerage

Shipping has several laws levied upon them to stop illegal consignments from entering different countries or any kind of trade crime from occurring. These custom laws safeguard your consignments from theft, robbery or any sort of adulteration. Padrea ensures that your consignments are cleared by the customs and all the papers are in place, no matter where the delivery or pick-up takes place, saving you brokerage fee along the way.

Inventory management and warehousing

As is already known, we can provide warehouse and inventory management services with the help of our loyal and efficient logistics. You inventory is in safe hands with Padrea, as it is tracked and documented every time a single commodity leaves or enters the warehouse, margin for zero errors in stock keeping.

Specialized in Packing and moving

Padrea also has a unit for packers and movers not just for businesses but also for homes and commodities. We can help you shift your office or business or home to desired location and also provide packing services for business related commodities that need to be delivered.

3PL & 4PL

Padrea also has tie-ups fourth party logistics, in case you need to ship consignments to locations that our logistics does not have access to. We can manage the outsourcing of your logistics and distribution in cases where our (being the third party logistics) are not available.

Dry Bulk

If you are dealing with steel, coal, sand or similar building or manufacturing material, we have special cargo barges designed to carry such freight. This kind of freight is primarily delivered via railways or roadways and our team provides complete support and help to you in delivering these items.


Although breakbulk cargo is a form of shipping that is steadily declining with the advent of the container shipping system, there are still certain commodities that need to be delivered following this procedure. This form of cargo delivery is barely provided other shipping companies but Padrea does not shy away from challenges. If you have commodities that need to be delivered in the breakbulk process, then it will be seen through completion by us.

Buy and Sell Containers

We also deal in sale and purchase of shipping containers meant for transporting cargo. Although these seems to be a trivial task for businesses, it does help during times of unnecessary asset reduction.

Warehousing and Palletizing

The logistics professionals of Padrea take care of all your warehousing requirement across different locations nationwide. We can lend space for receiving, storing and dispatching cargo from corner of the country without any hassles and 100% accuracy. We even provide palletizing facilities for goods that need to be stored or stacked or transported on pallets.