Legal Services

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance”

Legalities and compliances are always the most dull and tumultuous work for a business. Yet, without it, any reasonable business operation is impossible. Understanding business law is a challenge for a common layman and thus at every step you need a guiding light to move forward.

This is where Padrea comes in. With our seasoned experts, you can be completely free and relaxed while we take care of all your legal requirements. We ensure that you spend lesser time in doing unnecessary due diligence or paperwork and instead focus on something much more important that is – Growth!

Our legal advisory board deals with a range of functions and business portals standing between you and the law so that positive synergy is achieved.

Corporate Law

Labour and Employment Law

Transaction Law

Legal Entity Retionalization

Drafting of Agreement and Contract


Copyright and Brand

RBI & SEBI Guidelines

Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance