Startup Funding and Investments – Kolkata, India

February 9, 2018
Kolkata Startup Funding

From the era of globalization to the era of digitalization there came a lot of golden opportunities for the ones having the entrepreneurial skill, to start their own business and startup. The startup has started spreading its wings to the various facets of human need with verticals like healthcare, fintech and e-commerce. One crucial need an entrepreneur cannot keep aside during inception of his business is startup funding.

Startup funding will not only help you to be a good competitor in this race rather it will carve a better path for your startup to get established in future. Padrea is a well-established and customer oriented business and management consultancy providing various services in marketing and finance based in India having its branch in Singapore, London, Dubai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. Padrea is ready to join hands with you to provide the best solution in the field of startup funding and investments.

If we go on analyzing the facts and figures of startup funding and investments we can draw several conclusions about failure and success of a startup, taking funding as an important parameter. In 2017 a total of $6445 million was invested in this venture, however, on the flip side, a number of startups were shut down due to lack of startup funding and investment.

So where does it start? Well, we can divide into various stages.

Idea – This is the stage when you get a brilliant idea and you want to transform an ant idea to mammoth.

Cofounder – Any prototype will need another hand to transform it into next level, so you decide to share the idea with a genius like you and hence she becomes the co-founder of your enterprise. However, that said soon you will be in need of funding to feed your startup with necessary fuel. Padrea can guide you through the startup funding at this very initial stage.

Registration – At this stage, you want to register the startup and distribute the stocks among your investors. Generally at this seed stage Angel investors, accelerators, Incubators help with the funding, either way, Padrea will help you with the startup funding at every level.

Series – At this stage, you are quite stable and the startup will move to next level of series startup funding. There can be Series A, Series B and Series C, the investment are done by the venture capitalist, who will hold a share in the stock depending on the investment.

Public (IPO) – At this stage, you decide to make the company go public, reason – more investment by general people via stock market and easy way to raise enough money for the business.

Startup funding is the soul of the business, an idea can be great but without funding, it cannot become successful. Padrea is there to give assistance for startup investment and funding which will be suited for your business model. We ensure your business to receive proper funding from different channels timely. We offer a broad spectrum of choices in marketing and financial services. We promise you the long-term companionship in the eventful journey of your stardom.