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Just E-mail it!

This is the generation of the tech wizards. The ones having the world at their fingertips.

No query or information is unavailable to them. So much so that ‘google’ has become a verb. ‘Just google it’ is the latest and the most usual rage. The tech boom has opened up the global market in wonderful ways. One being the ability for a person sitting in the shrines of Kerala to send a message to another person enjoying the northern lights in Norway.

We are no more apart.

One such industry born out of the technology industry is the Digital Marketing industry.

The very first TV advertisement appeared in 1941 during a basketball game and has since then evolved into something close to hundreds of billion dollar industry! The magnanimity of scale has reached such high levels, proof of which is not very far from you.

Top celebrities are roped in while swishing away million dollars at them just to make their brand awareness.

Crazy money flying around vying to get our attention and provoking us to reach our pockets and buy their stuff!

This was just a top view of digital marketing and its practices. But let’s delve in deeper and handpick among many facets; one such part of digital marketing which is potentially a huge traffic driver but is not as glossy.

E-mail marketing — and if you did not get too excited with the name, it probably isn’t your fault.

This blog post is dedicated to educate readers about the relevance and significance of email marketing. E-mail marketing is the most personal, direct and effective way to communicate about yourself to your prospective customers.

Besides communication, email has several other subtle uses; some of which are:

· Individual attention to specific groups of clients thus enabling the advantages of personalization

· Higher engagement rates

· Digital transformation and turnaround

But all these are achievable only if you do it right and remember, that it takes more than ordinary effort to craft a perfect email and strike a balance between conciseness and usefulness. Making a perfect email is a much underappreciated art.

Moving on, it would be prudent to discuss the advantages and the reasons why buyers are placed much higher in the economic scale (remember the slogan ‘Consumer is king’):

1. Thanks to information abundance and almost perfect knowledge, buyers are empowered to take decisions based on their own choices and are not prone to easy manipulation by sellers. Meanwhile, social media helps the consumer to share and compare or even complain publicly!

2. Buyers know how to opt out. Crafting emails that are hard selling can lead to opt-outs in large numbers something which is a nightmare for marketing campaigners. This makes subtle and persuasive communication all the more necessary.

3. As a direct result of increased competition, companies have started rolling out exceptional products and services and you are also expected to do so. In the same way, marketing campaigns are not only designed to educate the consumers about products, but also to bring out a chuckle or evoke a feeling from the consumer. This increased computer expectations have prompted most companies to take the route of innovation. Have you even started?

These factors call out for a comprehensive email marketing (just a subset within digital marketing) plan immediately and utilize its benefits.

“In 2009, The Wall Street Journal published an article claiming that email was dead. Ironically, it was the most emailed article of the day.”

Let’s have a look at some stats which reinforce the fact why emails still matter-

1. Of Americans age 12 and over who are active online, 94% cite email as one of their regular activities. (Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project’s Generations 2015 report)

2. Jay Baer, Social Media Speaker, Author and Coach, says that 58% percent of adult Americans check email first thing in the morning. (Source: MarketingSherpa 2013 Email Summit)

3. Email is the customer preference. In a recent survey, a staggering 77% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email — and email was the number one source for all age groups including 15–24! (Source: Waldow Social)

4. Email generates nearly a 2X return compared to other channels. For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2015, there was a $40.56 return. Compare that to other channels, such as search engine marketing, which is the next closest at $22.44. (Source: Direct Marketing Association and Smart Data Collective)

5. Email investment is slated to increase. 64% of companies indicated their organizations’ investment in email marketing was expected to increase in 2013 and beyond. (Source: Marketing Sherpa 2013 Benchmark report)

Digital marketing transformation is a huge subject in itself and email marketing is just a minor segment of it. The benefit of personalization is one of the reasons why companies choose email marketing and tap on sending campaigns to their client database.

The only caveat is that you need to do it right, and it’s not an option that you have, it’s a must! The need to create an online brand and reputation is imperative and the benefits too can be amazing once you hit the right chord.

And if you are looking for a professional digital marketing consultant, your search ends here!