information technology

"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

We also offer complete Information Technology support to ensure that there are no glitches faced while you are on a marketing and advertising spree.


Of course, to complete the marketing services Padrea, lends a hand to design, manage and optimize your website, which is a point of contact and even the point of sale in many cases for the target audience. In today’s tech dependent age, having a well designed and optimized website ensures higher Google rankings, hence better chances of reaching out to the audiences. We also track the visitors and analytics of your website, taking care of loopholes or issues obstructing the flow of online traffic to your website.


We ensure that your website is developed on a responsive level and also help develop and design mobile and tab applications for reaching out to the customers who are always on the move. Covering these aspects of marketing assures maximum coverage and reach to customers across the market and being accessible at all times.

Software Solutions

We assist you with choosing and implementing the right software to solve your online marketing and development requirements at the best prices. Assistance is provided for any problems you are facing with existing software, as well.


We ensure optimized systems to be followed for enabling dynamic marketing and sales strategies.