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Hour of Decency Have Dawned Upon: Awaken to Gender Discrimination Training At Work

The kernel point of detecting gender discrimination does not lie creepily at workplaces only. It follows its seeds of implantation from the very nature of the society’s structure. The imbalance in gender equality has been a perennial issue and it is furious to accept that even in this modernized and radical age of 21st century it still persists worryingly. Gender discrimination laws have been fixated and made applicable all over, yet the obstinate reality seems to be never changing.

The scenario becomes even gorier when it comes to the third section which is colloquially termed as the transgender. The resistance and unacceptable approach of lewd people is what makes it utterly difficult for the third genders to peacefully create a distinctive identity for themselves at workplaces. The constant battle of chauvinism and misandry from both the houses of genders involuntarily draws a nasty picture of an uncivilized society.

Speaking in the context of workplaces where respective sections of genders have to work collaterally maintaining the peace and decency quotient, it is imperative to awaken to an emergent hour of Gender Discrimination Training at Work. Issues related to gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation has to be resolved professionally along with the responsibility of obeying it for the future as well.

Ironically, the word gender no more defines the basic sexual identity of an individual. Rather it has weirdly transformed into an alternative coinage for either flaunting authoritative dominance or subjugating an individual.  The fight for gender equality has, fortunately, bore sweet fruits of success but the dirt and filth that remains at the core grassroots levels of the society still needs to be uprooted vigorously.

Gloria Steinem, an American feminist, journalist, and social-political activist of the 1960s had rightly pointed out the perfect definition for a gender-equal society,

“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”

Statistical Proof to the Bitter Reality that Pokes In the Eye

The surfacing moment of this current hour where how to end gender discrimination at work has grown intense to get formulated into a training law comes from the astringent statistical proof of official records.  A survey by the National Center for Work-Gender Equality suggests gravely that workplace gender discrimination has reached its highest zones of sore reality.

  • Almost 90% of workers have admitted to facing harassment on the job due to their gender quotient. Rivetingly, this has included all gender sections including males, females, and transgenders and throws even a more shameful picture to our faces of being a part of a literate society.
  • 47% of the workforce population went through repugnance of an experience where the adversities coming from the job outcomes had to be faced due to the gender inequality issue. Is this is why we call ourselves literate? The question seems to be sinking into an uncertain precinct of oblivion.
  • 44% was offered an open position and were passed on acceptance for the same. So this is where gender equality is finally taking the workforce into; STRAIGHT TO HELL!
  • 23% denied a promotion that they truly deserved. This one counts as one of the most poignant revelations coming up from gender equality survey report. Going by the per year observational report, this percentage share sees a sharp rise regrettably. So incongruously, existing in this dynamic hyper age making us witness that a considerable percentage of workforce population is being denied of their basic and deserving rights of getting promoted justifiably.
  • 26% were straight away terminated from their jobs. Absolutely speechless with utter disgust!

Understanding Gender Discrimination Training to its Core

In a mission to eradicate workplace gender discrimination and knowing how to end gender discrimination at workplaces here’s to an in-depth core understanding of the same:

The foremost regulation that needs to be strictly adhered to is the stern enforcement of an official law at workplaces that outlines the legal adversities of committing offensive actions of discriminating employees on the basis of their gender identity, belonging to every tier of the organizational hierarchy. The training will highlight these legal adversities to their employees and therefore occurrences of discrimination or humiliation towards the opposite genders can be taken down effectively. 

Measures to encourage tolerance, civility, and equality needs to be adapted and implemented by employers for the mental and physical security of its employees. Drafting new corporate standards and employee guidelines will further clarify and highlight protection commandment towards males, females, and transgender.

Establishing an active and uncompromising bench of law regulators at workplaces is extremely necessary during the training phase since instances of any further harassment or discrimination that they experience gets reported at the right places instantaneously. What is very crucial for this step is that the panel of regulators should be completely biased in their decisive powers and should make their judgments only on the basis of the appropriate and credible investigation. Also, the reports should be anonymous in nature since the employees might take a step back in revealing their identity fearing of retaliation instead of justice.

Educating employees is one of the pillar steps in gender discrimination training. It has been observed many times that the repetition of discrimination among employees has been happening due to a negative influence or a prevailing practice. Most of them simply enjoy a sadistic pleasure rather than actually feeling the anger to take against another employee on the basis of their gender. It is very similar to the bullying tendency seen at schools and colleges levels.

Mock reversal psyche tests are one of the groundbreaking steps of gender discrimination training at workplaces. At this stage, any report of humiliation or discrimination is enacted or mocked in the same way on the person who has been accused of being an offender.

This brings the offender under the limelight of observation and through his or her body language and approaches it is further monitored of how tolerant behavior is shown when the same indiscriminative attitude is inflicted upon him or her. Additionally, this alone has been seen effective enough to terminate any remaining sly thoughts of discriminating or humiliating his or her fellow colleagues on the basis of their gender identities.

The Note of Termination (Hoping this to be for gender discrimination at workplaces)

Towards winding up this article, what is most important here to understand that apart from all the educational and training prerequisites, we need a clean and equal vision at the most rudimentary ground. Without having a broad mindset of understanding and respecting the fact that all sections of gender have their equal constitutional rights of working, we can never achieve the decent future of a perfectly balance gender equality.

From the organizational point of view, facilitating a safe, healthy and a prospective working environment for its workers is imperative to count as one of the reputable organizations in the long run. Taking business measures to update your efforts on curbing gender discrimination at workplaces is, therefore, something every organization needs to work on as soon as possible with the deployment of regular and responsive training sessions.