"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

Padrea believes in providing each of its clients with end-to-end business service solutions. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing and successfully implementing your financial goals. We ensure that every penny you spend and every dime you invest for the growth of your business is optimally used.

A range of services are provided by our financial experts to lend complete support in case of account management, audits, taxes, equities, shares and more. Described below are the services we cover, in detail to help you believe that your money is in “good hands”.

We invite you to explore the many ways PADREA can help you!

What can we help you with?

No matter what the checklist of a startup is, Padrea aspires to tick them all. Below is the list of things, you can aim for and it can support you with to win the rat race:

Audit & Assurance

Assisting you achieve your business objectives along with financial risk management while improving your business performance is the ultimate goal of our audit and enterprise risk professionals. We aim at furnishing comprehensive audit and assurance services customized as per your requirement and the need of the hour, imbibing real value and investor confidence.

We can assist you with the following list of financial assistance with the help of a discursive audit in order to sustain public faith in your brand and company agenda.

Financial Statement Audit

We deploy independent yet expert auditors who will examine each and every financial disclosure relatedto the company’s financial statements, bearing unbiased testimony to complete legitimacy and fairnessin the representation of your financial statements and associated disclosures.

Internal Audit

Taking up the challenge of internal auditing is something we are a pro at.We can ensure that the risk management governance along with the internal moderation processes are running smoothly which is to be accompaniedby flawless reports testifying the same.

Corporate Reporting

For us, designing a Corporate Reporting model is like knowing the back of our hands. Keeping in line with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), Padrea creates and maintains your Corporate and financial reports with expertise to help you manage your funds better and avoid incurring losses.

Sustainability Reporting

With environmental and economic regulations gradually becoming essential parts of every organization, we take the responsibility of managing and tracking all your social, environmental and economic performances and associated reports.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Our experts make sure that all government and corporate or any other policies related to your business are followed to the ‘T’, keeping your organization compliant and under check to avoid any frictions with the court of law. The regulations vary from business-to-business and Padrea provides the resources for manage any kind of business.

Accounting Advisory

Our skilled Certified Public Accountants (CPA) lend end-to-end solutions and comprehensive advices that are tailor-made for the wealth management, capital formation and cash flow of your organization.


Taxes always seem like a burden for individuals as well as organizations, but they are a necessary means to a highly coveted end and hence need undivided attention. Your tax structure and files ensure a strong base for the organization which is a key factor in imbibing the trust of the authorities and the clientele as well.

Tax regulations are either being modified or changed every so often that it is becoming a task in itself to keep up with the different tax reforms in the country itself. While the complexity of the change in taxes become increasingly complex, we at Padrea continue to weave new ways to simplify it for you and your business. Our job is to ensure that you can balance your priorities while being complaint to the authorities yet adding value to your business. You need to be prepared, not just for local taxation policies but also national and international policies to be 10 steps ahead of your contemporaries.

Therefore, we define for you the services that we can provide and how they can be useful for the growth and development of your company.

Direct tax services

We deal with all the direct taxes that are applicable to the kind of business you are pursuing, including Wealth, Corporation as well as income tax. Our services don’t end here, as we also file your tax returns with absolute expertise following a time schedule.

Indirect taxes

Based on the services or goods that you provide to your clientele, we take care of your indirect taxes as well, along with maintaining a proper records of the same for any future references and betterment of the organization.

International Taxation

Although Indian companies with a local or nationwide presence are not subject to this service, but organizations with an International reach, like Padrea itself, are bound by this type of taxation. In such cases assistance is crucial primarily when you intend to spread your wings across nations and extend your business abroad, without any hindrances.

Tax reporting & strategy

Tax information reporting forms an integral part of a business from the perspective IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as it helps in assessing the value of your assets, revenues generated and profits made by the authorities. This regulation helps you adhere to the taxation policies and avoid tax evasions and Padrea develops custom strategies and related reports as per the tax policies and norms followed by your business genre.

Transfer pricing

In case you do have any subsidiary or parent company, then we help you follow the proper transfer pricing policies associated with your business. This assistance is extended to any and every form of transfer pricing that is applicable to the organization.

Cross Border Tax Advisory

As the name suggests, the Cross Border tax policies follow and track the businesses which you are running abroad and ensures that your entire global income is taxableincluding all the countries you are engaged in business with. Padrea, simplifies this complex system of tax policies for you with our expert advisory panel.

Global Tax Compliance & Reporting

In relation to Cross-border tax policies, the Global Tax Policies are intended to make sure that you are paying all the taxes that are applicable on your business type in the different countries you have extended your business to. To simplify and track this form of tax compliance, Padrea maintains thorough reports and files all each and every tax policy that you have encountered and adhered to.

Merger or Acquisition (M & A)

A merger or acquisition is an essential component of a growing business like yours. It is capable of adding considerable value to the organization and comprises of different stages of the entire transaction process such as –valuation, negotiation and completion. The successful implementation of all these stages requires expertise, knowledge and skill and Padrea has honed all these qualities while developing in to a successful and complete consultancy service provider.

To begin with, Padrea offers a myriad of Corporate and Private Equity Merger and Acquisition services that extend across domestic as well as cross-border deals. The services include the following options, described for your comprehension.

Identification of the business to be acquired

If you have plans to acquire a particular type of business or a specific company, we lend our assistance with identifying and understanding the type of business (if it’s a new business), the type of organization (you are interested in) and the future prospects of the type of business or company you intend to acquire.

Tax due diligence

Along with comprehending the business, Padrea also performs full-fledged investigations and audits of the investment you are planning to get on board enhancing future prospects and reducing the scope for incurring losses. This is primarily a precautionary step before you step into testing waters.

Structuring an acquisition or disposition

Since disposition is also a part of a Merger and Acquisition of a business, the crucial steps that are to be taken with regards to structuring a new acquisition or disposing off a certain part or section of your business, receive complete underpin from our end. This simply ensures that our expertise can safeguard you and your business from making any decisions that may be harmful to the organization or the brand image.

Tax Modeling

Padrea lends you complete support in developing and maintaining relevant tax models as per your expansion or disposition plans, business type, location and nationality. All this is in compliance with the regulations of laid down by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its member states.

Vendor assistance

If you are planning to sell a part of your company or planning to acquire something new, we can assist you with creating detailed reports tracking the financial health of the company meant for selling or merging or acquiring.

Post-deal integration

The most complex part of a merger is its Post-deal or Post-merger integration (PMI). It needs complete rearrangement and recombining your businesses to ensure investment returns. But even in this complex process you have nothing to worry about as long as Padrea’s services are rendered to you.

Private Equity

Padrea’s expert advisors are available for consultation by investors throughout the complete investment cycle of the organization. We assist you with selecting your fund types inclusive of debts (if any), infrastructure and real estate investments along with hedge funds. Our aim is to provide end-to-end support to you across all spheres of your investments.

Deal generation

Our experts help you assess and bag the best deals with the help of our market and company resources assessments with complete reports and reasons supporting the work flow to follow to ensure higher deal generations.

Due diligence

The Operational Due Diligence (ODD) in case of your private equity investments are managed by our experts with complete diligence and scrutiny to avoid any losses from taking place.

Portfolio value creation

Our private equity consultants work to assist in strengthening your management team to enhance their capability and hence the value of the company adding to the value of private equity investments associated with your organization. We also help with designing a strategic blueprint for new mergers and acquisitions to support rapid investment returns, assisting you prioritize your management strategies along the way.

Exit planning

Think it’s time to move on to a business that needs more of your attention? Well, we can assist you with that too. If you think that following merger or acquisition your exit from the firm can ensure higher profits and more enterprise value, then we can do the complete planning for you, provide you with ideal replacements and making sure of proper work distribution, so that the process can be as smooth as possible.

Institutional investor strategy

Padrea professionals are always up-to-date as far as the latest Institutional investor trends are concerned. They possess complete information about each and every Institutional investor scheme that is being largely followed and driving lucrative returns. So, you can simply leave it to us to do all the planning to bring in maximum returns from your investments.

Corporate Finance

It is quite a well-known fact that higher the value of your company shares, higher are the chances of acquiring more investors. So we intend to make sure that the value of your company increases for your shareholders with every decision you make.

The Corporate Finance and Advisory team of Padrea aims at servicing principal investment organizations to help them identify and analyze market options and opportunities for higher returns from their capital investments. The clientele we have acquired in recent years include leading global buyout fundraisers, activist investors,venture capital fundraisers, hedge fundraisersalongwithprincipal investment businesses of banks, insurers and asset managers.

Target/opportunity identification and investment thesis development

To proceed and succeed with any form of investment, it is essential to identify the best source of investment or the target company that is bound to get you more returns. So Padrea helps you with identifying potential investment sources or investors and then designing an investment plan, which is tailor-made for your organization.

Strategic and commercial due diligence (acquirer and vendor)

Our Corporate finance professionals study, research and create reports on the market, the target company you intend to invest on and the competition surrounding the industry. This is to ensure that your future investments do not become too expensive for you.

Post-transaction and portfolio company optimization strategies

Following the merger or acquisition of a company that promises to return largely on your investments, the post-transaction formalities, legalities and appointments along with the company portfolio is handled by Padreaprofessionals with expertise.

Fund management, process and organization design

The management of your funds is one of the most crucial tasks that lay at hand when venturing in to a new or acquired business, hence we dig deeper in to the financial dos and don’ts associated with an acquisition to help you build a better and more profitable business.

Valuation advice

Along with planning and tracking your investments, our professionals also assist you with assessing and analyzing the valuation of a merger or an acquisition or the remaining sections of your company following a disposition.