Enough Money to start? Get funding solutions for your startup.

January 29, 2018

The startup is like a germinated seed having enormous potential inside to grow and become a giant tree if nourished and directed to the right path. To become a giant it comes across many technicalities of which funding plays a critical role. Padrea is a dynamic and customer focused business consultancy based in India, providing one-stop business and startup funding solutions to grow and develop your business in every sphere.

The Startup ecosystem is on a constant rise, 2017 alone shows 1000 new startups from various part of India in the verticals like healthcare, fintech and e-commerce. The major boost in this landscape is having a companion in fundraising for an idea. However, towards the flip side, there were also a large number of shutdowns and demise due to weak business model and lack of constant funding.

So if you are planning to start your business there are some common fundraising techniques that can be adopted.

  1. SBA Loan – It is the small business administration loan, a business funding provided by the government for small firms having a strict set of guidelines.
  2. Venture Capital – The capitalists who invest in return of the equity, they invest in the business having an enormous potential, generally, the businesses which are quite settled and generating revenues go for this funding option.
  3. Crowd Funding – As the name suggests this technique gathers funds from the crowd this is an advantage as you can advertise the product to the general public. Crowd funding generally works if an idea is solid enough to influence the masses.
  4. Personal Savings/Bootstrapping – Your personal savings can give a head start to the business without worrying about sharing ownership between the investors, some business requires less investment and can be pulled if you have savings, but with this, you may lack guidelines from agency or investors.
  5. Angel Investors – Angel investment is a funding done by the wealthy individuals willing to invest in your idea, offers advice and strategies for the company. They have a network and evaluate the proposals before investing. Firms like Google and Yahoo were once funded by Angel investors.
  6. Bank loans – A popular business funding option yet the most tedious, with a lot of documentation and sharing business plan. Many banks offer business loans.

However, the choice is a very integral part as there are varied funding options suited for different business models and stages like the bootstrap can prevent you from knowing the market opportunities while in Venture capital you share the equity. One needs to be secured and prepared when it comes to startup funding, with Padrea you can rest assure your business funding services and solution.

Padrea will help you in improvising the business model at every step, taking care of various aspects of fundraising for your startup. We are always there to mentor you with the upcoming financial requirements that your startup needs to flourish in this era of new technologies. No matter what vertical your startup belongs, we have the best and the ultimate solution.We are always dedicated towards your service as your satisfaction is our achievement.