Business Modelling

"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

Steady in-flow of Funds and cash are an everlasting threat that exists in any business. Padrea ensures that you are not bothered by such issues by diligently following certain necessary steps for fund raising and protection.

Business Model at every step

Revision of your business model is one essential way of ensuring a steady flow of funds and reduce losses of any kind, as in a business you can never be careful enough with market value of shares to be considered at all times. Therefore, we help you change and develop your Business model on every level as you go on stepping up the ladder of growth.

Pitch Deck

Developing an optimized and attractive Pitch Deck is ensures the flow of potential clients and investors, bringing in a steady flow of funds. Hence Padrea designs and develops your Pitch Deck at every level meeting the need of the hour and attracting more and more investors and clients with an effective business plan.


We also tell how to best use your existing resources to their full potential, referring to bootstrap, to save on existing funds.


If you need loans for an expansion or even setting up your business, we help you with the most efficient way to do that, ensuring minimum burden on you and your future plans for growth.


We can also help you design effective strategies around how to get a large number of people interested in your business plan and how it can benefit them to invest along with you.

Equity Financing

Need a hand with managing your company stocks? Surely Padrea can tackle that too, with predicting the most appropriate time to buy and sell your shares and stocks to affluent investors.

Venture Capital

If you believe in your business plan and model, then Padrea can assure maximum funds for your business to be successfully established. We can tap your potential, provide you exposure and lend you the funds you need for your business to grow.