"We are an Organization, that builds Organizations."

‘Change is the only constant,’ this is a reality that is applicable in all walks of life, including the growth and development of a business. Reduction of costs, leveraging skills and resources, leading innovations balanced with sustainable business strategies (in a nutshell) is the best way to grow your business and Padrea is here to support you with your endeavours.

Managing your resources is as essential as honing the agility to positively respond to the frequently changing environmentfor the development of your organization.

Our advisory team, with their global knowledge about running businesses and eliminating challenges, studies and analyzes your company, its needs and the challenges it faces receding its growth curve. This research helps us design custom-made business strategies only suited to your company.

Your clientele need someone who they can bank upon and deploy their skills to good use with a range of talents and disciplines to choose from. They need someone who can take charge and eliminate their problems and we can assist you in developing the resources and strategies required to give your clients what they need.

What can we help you with?

No matter what the checklist of a startup is, Padrea aspires to tick them all. Below is the list of things, you can aim for and it can support you with to win the rat race:


Operations is a very basic requirement in every, rather any organization, but acquiring skilled people and the right resources to give your business the right direction is the most difficult part. The resolution of your complex strategic and operational issues is the sole aim of Padrea’s Operations practices.Starting with diagnosing and analyzing the issues to solution development and implementation, we cover all aspects of the operational boost that your company needs.

Our services go beyond physical system design and attend to management infrastructure and internal factors such as monitoring employee behavior and resource training and development to assist the client in change management.

Lead Management

Acquiring new clients and managing these client accounts is of prime concern for any operations segment to function properly and the necessarysupport for your operations to function smoothly is provided by our advisory professionals.

Product Optimization

What you are selling is the next most important part of Operations in an organization. Hence, a continuous development and betterment process should be followed to optimize the product or service you are attempting to sell. Following changing market trends and assessing market size is done with a keen eye on detail by our professionals, ensuring the best product/service for your clients and works best for your business development.

Operation Strategy

Padrea professionals develop tailor-made operation strategies that will endow maximum ROI for the company with optimal use of available resources. The strategy will be developed and modified as and when necessary as the company grows and its requirements change.

Sales Force Effectiveness

A Sales force effectiveness strategy is a part of Operations, which cannot be ignored. This strategy helps you understand and evaluate the most profitable customers and laying down your plan of action accordingly. So our professionals will provide complete assistance with planning and implementing your sales force strategy.

e. G&A Efficiency

Our professionals will also plan and tackle the challenges accompanying the implementation of a general and administrative cost for your organization, keeping your budget in mind. They will also work towards enhancing the efficiency of your plan to spend less and save more yet ensure optimal utilization of resources.

Demand Chain Management

As the name suggests, the Demand chain management is a segment that demands more attention than businesses pay to it. It is extremely crucial for the turnover of your company to develop and apply an efficient Demand chain, keeping your product/service and business model at the center of the planning and that’s what our professionals will do for you.

Supply Chain Management

Much like the demand chain management, the Supply Chain Management also requires in-depth market analysis with regards to the services or products you are delivering. So we voluntarily shoulder this crucial task for you and develop a plan that will keep you at the hilt of the competition and will also give your brand the exposure it needs.

Risk Management

Financial Risk Management is a tricky thing as it requires people with intricate understanding, in-depth analysis of the company’s financial state and a natural talent to forecast, that what will be best for an organization, which comes with only years of experience. But our financial advisors possess this talent and can provide end-to-end solutions for such issues.

Our risk management team works in close tandem with CFOs and senior finance officers or executives of leading financial institutions and Corporates.Padrea provides you with custom solutions for your risk management requirements along with the all forms of financial management support.

Risk, Capital and Performance Measurement

Gauging the extent of financial risk is a constant concern for most companies so Padrea professionals put their best efforts into tracking the extent of your capital investments risks, the ROI risks and resource performance with flawless efficiency.

Capital and Balance Sheet Management

The basic job of managing your capital investment and balance sheets is also tackled efficiently by our experts leaving you with nothing to be worried about.

Performance and Value-Based Management

Our professionals ensure that the performance of your company and the resources that you have is not compromised in any way as that’s what builds the trust of your customers. It is important to track the performance of your resources only to ensure that the value of your organized is not hampered at any cost.

Risk Governance Amid Regulatory Changes

As may already be obvious to you, our professionals stay up-to-date with the latest risk management trends and applicable regulations only to protect your company from facing any kind of bottle necks or road blocks while working your way up the ladder of success. Our risk governance strategies are not just tailor-made for your company but are also in line with the changes that take place in the regulations pertaining to financial risk management.


In today’s day and age, companies can barely flourish without the latest technological advancements easily available at hand. It is difficult to thrive in any industry without the due support of a technical tools and experienced professionals. Technology is at the core of any business as it paves the way for performance improvement, risk management, inspire innovations and improving on quality and quantity at the same time and Padrea lends complete technical support to your company.

The kind of technological support you are receiving can be the deciding factor for many transformations that can occur in your organization. Hence, the technical experts of Padrea, help you cover any technical loopholes that may be negatively affecting the agility of your business and develop better tools and strategies to increase your productivity and enhance administrative management.

IT strategy

A proper research and study of your company and the technical requirements you have or areas that you need to improve on, our professionals conjure up a strategy that fits your needs. We even help you with the tools and software that seem necessary for the smooth functioning of your business.

IT performance improvement

Our IT professionals also ensure that existing software that are crucial to the process within your business are working properly and efficiently. They also provide assistance in case of any improvements that may be possible on the applications function.

Proprietary tools

Managing technical tools are a cause for concern for most entrepreneurs as you may be the best business mind in the industry but technology may not be your forte. So, Padrea professionals handle your proprietary tools on your behalf, that are the property of your company and most beneficial to the growth of the organization.

Application Outsourcing

Irrespective of the fact whether you are dealing with new development tools, legacy system maintenance, offshore programming, packaged application management or staff augmentation, if you intend to outsource your technical applications, Padrea can is here to help. We take up the entire responsibility to manage all the requirements pertaining to the apps that are used in your office ensuring smooth functioning of the process.

Technology Innovation

The brilliant minds of Padrea’s technical professionals is always at work developing the best and improved technical and management tools that can come in really handy to Corporations. Whether your technical needs cover the development of new products or new processes, we can innovate and make working easier for you.

People and Organization

Human Resources is the most sensitive section of any organization and needs to be tackled with extreme expertise, only since humans are resources with feelings that need to be respected. Employees need their own freedom and space and have the right to a healthy work environment for increased output as well as an opportunity to sharpen and acquire new skills. Your company should be able to inspire, motivate, manage, develop, attract and reward people to avoid losing valuable assets.

Padrea people and organization professionals assist you deal with and manage your most precious resources with ease and efficiency. We help you deal with workforce challenges and optimize HR functions to derive maximum business effectiveness.

Talent management and workforce planning

Our HR professionals assist you in creating and implementing full-proof talent management plans and strategize to protect the best assets in the organization. We design your pay structure and incremental business needs as per the requirements of your business.

HR measurement, benchmarking and analytics

Based on the resources you have or acquire, Padrea helps you develop HR metric, pursue the best benchmarking techniques, whether you have a single process or multiple processes, followed by a thorough analysis of the workforce and the skills that they possess.

HR function effectiveness & transformation

Organizational success depends upon the HR function and transformation processes it follows to maneuver its workforce, realizing it potential. HR transformation has evolved a lot over the years and our professionals are keeping up with the evolution of the same. Hence we can assist you with deriving maximum qualitative work from individual resources, while keeping them satiated as well.

HR transaction services

Starting with HRIS Administration and Employee training programs to disbursing salary and maintaining attendance data of employees, Padrea professionals tackle all HR transactional issues with ease.


Developing a strategy is a waste of time if not executed with proactive initiative. Even your client is aware of this harsh fact. So no matter how many hours you spend developing strategies and plans for them, they will not be impressed unless you show them results.

Hence, Padrea helps you analyze and comprehend the actual source of growth and the bulk of the ROI. We combine customer insights and viewpoints along with practical experiences with handling operations, finances and economics to help you ensure sustainable growth across the industry your business targets. The following areas are to be closely watched and need expert handling when developing and implementing strategies.

Customer insights and segmentation

Once a strategy or a business plan is developed on how to acquire potential clients, it is important to develop essential insights that the clients might have in relation to the strategy you have built for the kind of product or service you intend to sell them. It is also crucial to segment the clients that you have planned to acquire under different groups as per their industry or need of your product/service. Padrea, much like all its other services lends a helping hand in accomplishing this task of assessing insights and segmentation.

Product and category management

As is obvious from the name when developing a strategy to reach out to potential clients, it is important to develop and improve the product/service you are trying to sell simultaneously. If you deliver more than one product/service, then you are also to categorize them effectively to ensure reaching out to the right clients with the appropriate product/service. This assistance is also provided by our professional team with utmost care.


Of course, pricing is forms the important part of selling a product/service and based on the categorization, market price and demand supply curve, we help you conform to the pricing norms for maximum chances of client acquisition.

Sales and channel effectiveness

Increasing the effectiveness of sales and channels is another way of attracting potential clients to your business or product/service. Hence, Padrea helps you comprehendand resolve any bottle necks that you are facing with your sales processes and the route you take to reach out to your customers.

Marketing and brand strategy

Your brand is the one that should be able to speak for your business goals. It is highly important to comprehend the effect that your product/service can have on the customers and develop your brand strategy accordingly.Padrea helps develop marketing and brand strategies that are long term and positively affects all the areas of a business and is proportional to customer needs, emotions and market environments.

Business design and innovation

Innovation is a constant driving factor for a business as innovation works best for the growth of an organization.Designing a business model is led by innovation, creativity along with relevant data processing. Padrea professionals are perfect for this job as innovating with the help of relevant data is our forte.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales is another crucial component that is an integral part of an organization. So, we at Padrea take it upon ourselves to help companies stay ahead in competition, making full use of opportunities and being leading trendsetters in the market or respective industry.

It is our job to drive growth, mediated by developing with emerging business trends, keeping in line with sustainable business plans.

Product Strategy

Every product/service you are trying to sell has a life-cycle and scope for betterment. Developing a strategy pertaining to the product/service in question ensures a strong foundation and a longer life-cycle, keeping up with the market trends. Such a strategy helps businesses to target specific set of audiences that are potential customers. Padrea professionals works around such plans in order to provide the kind of audience and exposure your product/service needs.

Marketing Strategy

Creating a single comprehensive plan that comprises of all your marketing goals is the best way to lay the foundation for a precise and effective marketing strategy leading to desired profits and exposure. The complete market research focusing on the appropriate blend of product/services is what Padrea does to maximize your profit potential and take the business forward.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM forms the crux of maintaining and acquiring existing and new customers, respectively. Hence it is important to constantly develop your customer relationship plans and strategies to ensure that there is no hindrance to the incoming flow of business for the organization. Our professionals work on different plans, human resources and tools that are necessary and can be helpful towards maintaining and developing client interactions, negotiations, maintaining TAT or deadlines as relevant to the needs of the client.

Brand Strategy

Your company name or product/service name is the brand that you intend to build and popularize among your target audience. Therefore, a full-proof long term plan that can be modified or updated as per new trends of advertising and marketing to achieve the primary goal of building a name of repute or a household name is necessary. Giving your brand the necessary exposure and getting the desired attention to it is the job that can be efficiently handled by our marketing experts.


The pricing of your product/service is the deciding factor for whether it can survive the competition or not. It’s the pricing that determines the state of your product/service in the market, as to whether it needs to defend its existing market share, holds the potential to enter in to a new market, increase the market share or is capable of maximizing the company profit. This essential component of marketing strategies needs meticulous research and agile implementation of sales and marketing plans, which is what precisely, our professionals are experts at.

Digital Marketing

It is the age of Digital Marketing and it is highly desirable for your product/service and brand name to extend their visibility across all digital portals such as internet, mobile, Adwords, search engines etc. We help you develop digital marketing strategies and implement them to garner the exposure that it can lend to the brand/product/service in question.